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I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in cognitive developmental assessment.  I received my PhD in Child Clinical Psychology at the University of Denver, working with a range of child, family and marital issues, including extensive training in neuropsychological assessment of learning disorders and ADHD as well as anxiety and mood disorders.  My internship was in Clinical Child Psychology at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, where I provided learning evaluations, child and family therapy, worked with children with developmental disabilities (mainly with autism and Down Syndrome), and provided consultation for children with medical needs.  I completed my postdoctoral fellowship in Developmental Disabilities at JFK Partners/University of Colorado School of Medicine/Children’s Hospital Colorado.

My private practice is a sole proprietorship, and I operate independently.  Although I do share office space with others, I do not share clients nor liability, and all files are stored securely.  Of note, my colleague, Dr. Emily Werner, shares the office space with me.  We have separate practices but we do refer to each other to minimize waitlists and consult with each other when appropriate.  Your records are confidential and I do not share private information without your consent.  I want to assure you of my professional discretion, particularly given that Boulder is a relatively small community.  On the days I am in the office, I am the only provider using my office.

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