First, a family contacts me and we discuss their needs and concerns. We discuss over the phone whether I believe I can provide the type of evaluation needed to best answer their questions. In the case of separated or divorced parents, both parents need to agree to the evaluation. I do not do custody or legal evaluations.

As part of the intake, the family completes a detailed questionnaire providing background history and developmental milestones. You can download these forms from this website. Completed forms can be brought in to our first appointment.  Previous evaluations and IEP’s should also be brought to the first appointment. In order to best understand a child and any difficulties he or she may be having, I need to have a broad picture of that child's development over time and any factors that may have changed. Teacher questionnaires or phone conversations are often needed, as well.

For our first appointment, I meet with parents to further discuss their concerns in detail and to gather history.

At our second appointment, I complete testing with your child or adolescent. This usually takes from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the questions and the child. The majority of children can complete testing in one session, but if needed, we may continue testing on a separate day.

Our third appointment is with parents only for feedback. For adolescents, parents may choose to have the teen join us for part of the feedback, which is discussed ahead of time. A full report is provided to you at feedback or within 2-3 weeks of testing.  

Except for school entrance testing (IQ or IQ/brief achievement), my reports include background, test results and interpretation, any diagnoses, and recommendations.

Evaluation fee structure:

Cognitive (IQ) test only (brief report) - $400.  Two visits.

Cognitive (IQ) test plus academic screen for school entrance (brief report)- $700.  Two visits.

Autism evaluation (Typically includes: Interview, IQ, ADOS-2, adaptive behavior, social-emotional) - $2300. Includes school observation (1 hour, travel time included) for schools within a 15 mile radius of my office. 

Learning/ADHD evaluation (Typically includes: Interview, IQ, Achievement testing/Executive functioning, social-emotional) - $1600-2100. Includes school observation (1 hour, travel time included) for schools within a 15 mile radius of my office. 

School observations that are further afield or more extensive can be arranged at an hourly rate of $120, including travel time.

My practice accepts cash, checks, and Visa/MC.  There is a 5% discount for payment by cash/check. My private practice is self-pay only. I do not take health insurance and am contractually not allowed to submit my private practice services to insurance.

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